Todd Mimura

Hi Alex & Lorraine,

Well this testimonial is long over due since my trailer was made in 2007. Alex, “You Are The Man” to have made me such an awesome trailer. I remember when I first spoke to you about making a goose-neck trailer you did not seem to thrilled about doing it, but you did an awesome job!!!!! The trailer tows the boat really nice even the transporter that picked up my boat for me from Oregon said it trailer really nice. The transporter had a long haul from your place up to Oregon and later back down to San Diego to go on Pasha over to Maui. The trailer handles the weight of the boat that weighs in at 17000 lbs. really easy. Lots of people here said there is no way I would be able to park my boat in my garage, but with the goose-neck you made for me we proved them wrong. People also cannot believe I tow the boat with my 2500 Duramax. Pulling is not the problem stopping the beast is, but with the awesome brakes on the trailer that is no problem.

I definitely recommend anyone looking for a trailer to give West Coast ABT Inc. a call.

Todd Mimura


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