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AB Trailers Patrick Gilbert Testimonial

Hello Alex.
I have been negligent as I wanted to send you a testimonial regarding my new trailer.
It is such an improvement over the OEM trailer from MacGregor. Your new MacGregor
customer may have been influenced by a thread I introduced on the Macgregor
Sailors web site ( last April. You may wish to view the
reactions from other MacGregor owners there. (see “forums/trailers & towing/what
Roger should have built”). There was a lot of interest shown.There is approximately
300-400 lbs tongue weight on the trailer. It does vary on how I load the provisions
for long trips. The ride is awesome. Absolutely no sway even when trucks pass at
high speed. My tow vehicle is a 2003 F150 Super Crewcab and it does not seem to
matter much between light/heavy tongue weight on any of the three trailers I tow
with it. I am completely satisfied with my selection and the quality of your product.
I have been talking well about it since I took delivery.I will send you a few additional
pictures soon!

Patrick Gilbert “Tropico”¬†
Canyon Country, CA


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