Marc and Joe

AB Trailers Marc and Joe_Testimonial

Joe and I love our ABTrailers. Alex and Loraine are easy to work with and are very accommodating. We were fortunate enough to meet Alex during one of his many visits to Hawaii as he outfits many boats in the islands. He came to the house and
measured our boat, ensuring the trailer would be a perfect fit.
Alex and Loraine guided us through the build process and answered all of our questions. We decided on different accessories like the V-bow, sliding tongue, and side guides and as Alex promised, the trailer exceeded our expectations. Assembling the trailer was fairly seamless and self-explanatory. The adjustability of the bunks allowed for us to use the ABTrailers when we purchased a different boat. The ABTrailers experience was a positive one and we recommend them to boaters from Hawaii and beyond.

-Marc & Joe


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