AB Trailers Milton Testimonial

I fish in Kona, Hawaii. Because boat trailers are subjected to saltwater 100% of the
time here, corrosion is a major problem. After nearly 18 years of using a single axle
galvanized steel trailer, I decided to make a change and

purchase a dual axle aluminum trailer to deal with the corrosion problem. I contacted
West Coast ABT, Inc. via

email and from the very start the staff was very friendly and courteous. After finalizing
my “build sheet” and desired specifications, they were sent to WC ABT. They built
my trailer exact to my specifications even down to the keel roller on the rear cross
member. It arrived in Kona on the timeline established by WC ABT. I am a proud
owner of a boat trailer built by West Coast ABT, Inc. My friends are simply impressed
with their product. Some are even jealous.

I’m glad that I chose West Coast ABT Inc.
Hats off to both Alex and Lorraine!



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