George Kibby

AB Trailers George Kibby Testimonial

With 20 years of experiences towing boats to all parts of Baja I have owned
many different trailers from most of the manufacturers in California including
Vanson, Easy Loader, Trailrite and Pacific. They all began to fall apart after their first trip to Baja and salt water. Two years ago I bought a 26′ Blackman to fish Baja with and chose Alex and his team to build the trailer for it.
Aluminum frame and stainless disc brakes and NO leaf springs made sense to me!
We overbuilt the trailer, triple 5000# axles, torsion suspension, electric over hydraulic brakes on two axles knowing this boat was going to and staying in Baja.
Many trips later I am as satisfied with the trailer as I hoped I would be.
Simply said, Alex and his ABT team build the best trailer on the west coast.
Towing big boats in Baja is a headache. Now without having to worry about mechanical failures at inopportune times, it has become much easier.

George Kibby “Dos Pelones”


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