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I bought my boat last year and it came with an old rusty trailer that needed to be
replaced. Since I tow my boat with a 6 cylinder truck, I wanted the lightest
trailer possible with surge brakes. I planned to use the boat in saltwater too, so
I wanted it to be corrosion resistant and durable. I first looked into galvanized trailers since
they were the standard trailers sold with Arimas. But then I learned about aluminum
trailers on several boating websites. I called ABTrailers and learned that I can have a
custom aluminum trailer made with surge brakes at a price very similar to the
galvanized trailers offered at the Arima dealerships. It was an easy decision to make.
A few weeks later, I picked up my trailer and have been very happy with it ever since.

Thanks Alex & Lorraine!

Best regards,


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