Clarence Lester

AB Trailers Clarence Lester Testimonial

I discovered ABT when I was searching for a manufacturer to fabricate
a new trailer after my existing one was totaled in an accident. After receiving multiple
quotes, I decided to go with ABT because the price was very competitive and the materials
the trailer is fabricated from. Being made of structural aluminum and stainless steel fasteners
I knew this trailer would last forever especially since I only use it in fresh water there is no
issue with corrosion. Another great benefit of going with an aluminum trailer is weight. I
have saved a lot of money in fuel costs over the years.

My trailer is now 10 years old and is
in great shape. If I ever find myself in the market for a boat trailer again I will go to ABT
first. Alex and Lorraine provide great customer service and I would recommend ABT to
anyone in need of a trailer. I wish ABTrailers much continued success!

Clarence Lester

Lake Elsinore, California


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